Just Bought a House?

Mar 20, 2019

Congratulations! The hard work is done, and the keys are yours! But what are your next steps? They probably involve transforming the property into everything you envisaged when you first saw the place, complete with open plan kitchen, customised space for the dog, smart heating,...

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4 Reasons To Enjoy The Summer Sun

May 10, 2017

Summer has arrived! But with Britain’s track record it may not stay for long. So, now is the time to catch some rays before they run out. We have compiled a list of reasons you should spend some time in the sun while you can. Strengthens...

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Design Your Perfect Dining Room With Amber Home Improvements

Apr 8, 2017

A stylish dining room is essential for any modern home in Norfolk. They are the focal point of family dinners, formal dinner parties and are the perfect place to relax and entertain friends. If your dining room is looking bland and lifeless we have some...

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How To Make Your Home More Spacious This Spring

Mar 2, 2017

Winter continues to drag its heels but with the clocks set to go forward in just over three weeks, lighter and brighter days lie ahead. Who knows what the spring season has in store for us in terms of the weather, but you can take advantage...

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Create A Space For The Kids In The Conservatory

Feb 3, 2017

We might be in spring but it’s not quite warm enough for the kids to be running around in the garden. If they’ve been inside for most of the winter they’ll be going stir crazy, so it’s time to give the kids their own space...

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Time To Invest In A Conservatory

Jan 31, 2017

January is typically associated with new beginnings and finding ways to improve your life. We’re not suggesting that you battle the January gym crowds or give up coffee; a few changes around the home can really make a difference. If you want to make a...

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6 Reasons Why Buying A Conservatory Makes Sense

Nov 1, 2016

Have you made any New Year resolutions? If one of them is to buy a brand new conservatory for your home then you are making a very wise choice and here are 6 reasons why: 1. Appreciate the lighter nights Now that the clocks have gone...

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How To Find A Reliable Window Specialist

Jun 13, 2016

Trying to find a window supplier who will not let you down should not be something that puts the fear of God into you. But it is easily understandable why some homeowners are incredibly anxious about choosing a double glazing specialist as there are still...

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How To Get The Perfect Conservatory

May 10, 2016

The conservatory has never been in higher demand as it is at the moment. The dawn of summer partly explains this sudden explosion of interest in this most beautiful form of home extension that beautifully blends together interior and exterior spaces. If you’re also in the...

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Banging The Drum For Bi-Folds

Apr 13, 2016

Householders keen to better connect their home and patio/garden this spring/summer and entice the outdoors in will typically choose to have a set of French doors or patio doors integrated into their property. Nothing wrong with that! However, there’s currently a growing trend and demand for...

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