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4 Reasons To Enjoy The Summer Sun

May 10, 2017

Summer has arrived! But with Britain’s track record it may not stay for long. So, now is the time to catch some rays before they run out. We have compiled a list of reasons you should spend some time in the sun while you can. Strengthens...

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Design Your Perfect Dining Room With Amber Home Improvements

Apr 8, 2017

A stylish dining room is essential for any modern home in Norfolk. They are the focal point of family dinners, formal dinner parties and are the perfect place to relax and entertain friends. If your dining room is looking bland and lifeless we have some...

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Create A Space For The Kids In The Conservatory

Feb 3, 2017

We might be in spring but it’s not quite warm enough for the kids to be running around in the garden. If they’ve been inside for most of the winter they’ll be going stir crazy, so it’s time to give the kids their own space...

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6 Reasons Why Buying A Conservatory Makes Sense

Nov 1, 2016

Have you made any New Year resolutions? If one of them is to buy a brand new conservatory for your home then you are making a very wise choice and here are 6 reasons why: 1. Appreciate the lighter nights Now that the clocks have gone...

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Why Solar Panels Will Cut Your Energy Bills

Feb 4, 2016

The average annual cost of household energy is not getting any cheaper and some experts are predicting that it could rise by a further £300 annually by 2020. Bad news for those who are already finding it hard to make ends meet. The government is trying...

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5 Ways To Create A New Home For The New Year

Dec 3, 2015

The impending conclusion of 2015 presents you with the opportunity to start afresh in certain aspects of your life. For instance, this could mean quitting smoking, going to the gym more regularly, or taking more of an interest in your home. We spend so much time at...

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How To Breathe New Life Into A Conservatory

Oct 5, 2015

Traditional conservatories tend to have a limited lifespan and when they surpass that lifespan they become unusable for large parts of the year. Now that autumn has arrived you may well have noticed this inside your old conservatory. That is because the energy efficiency they originally provided...

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Install Triple Glazing Windows And Sleep Soundly

Sep 16, 2015

We all need to be fully energised to sustain the hectic lifestyles that so many of us lead nowadays. Getting a minimum 6-8 hours’ worth of sleep is imperative, but hard to come by for some if external noise regularly disrupts their sleep pattern, particularly for...

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3 Ways Of Winter-Proofing Your Home

Aug 17, 2015

Though we’re slap bang in the middle of summer, now is the ideal time to be preparing your home for the cold winter months that lie ahead. You could live to regret making changes at the last minute as who knows when winter will bite,...

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Do Not Wait Till Winter To Replace Your Windows

Apr 24, 2015

The sunshine is out and most of us are now thinking of summer sun rather than cold winters. Unfortunately, the warm weather won’t be around forever. The worst part of winter weather is trying to keep your home warm, old and damaged windows are notorious for...

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