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East Anglia's Bi-Folding Doors

High quality, classically bi-folding doors installed & guaranteed by East Anglia's premier door supplier.

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Bi-Folding Doors Transform Your Home

Created to maximise viewing and effortlessly make the transition from inside your home to outside, bi-fold doors are a fantastic addition to any home. Creating wide-open spaces and allowing natural light to flood into your home, our range of Bi-Folding doors will transform how you use your home. Bi-folding doors are incredibly versatile and functional; enabling you to change how you use them again and again. Providing market- leading energy-efficiency, increased sunlight and incredible security, these doors are unrivalled in terms of the benefits they offer. Designed to fit any sized space, from two-door leaf upwards, Bi-Folding doors allow you to transform how your home looks with nothing more than a gentle push.


Unrivalled Functionality

From bringing the outside into your home to creating useful new living spaces by separating existing rooms, Bi-Folding doors can be installed anywhere in your home; providing you with endless possibilities. Such functionality and the ease at which our experienced fitters can install doors into any structure have also made them a fantastic addition to conservatories and orangeries. From White and Black, to incredibly realistic woodgrain finishes in Oak, Rosewood and Walnut, you have the freedom of choice to ensure you get the exact colour you want. For an even more personalised, stylish touch, you can also opt for different colours on the inside and outside of the frame, thereby allowing you to match both the interior and exterior of your home.

A true revelation in door design…

You can’t fail to be impressed by what you see when you view a set of Bi-Folding Doors in action for the first as that concertina effect is mightily innovative. But it’s not just how they operate that captures the eye, it’s also those stunning door leafs which contain the sleekest aluminium frames you could ever imagine. Collectively, the individual door leafs make for one extraordinary design which you could never tire of looking at or putting into action.

Make yourself the lucky recipient of this superb door innovation…

Having a stylishness like no other door solution is just one of many reasons to own a set of Bi-Folding doors as they’re a fantastic way of creating a boundary between two separate areas, whether internally or sandwiched in place of your home and garden. They will also act as a secure barrier and are renowned for offering exceptional energy efficiency.

Easy Slide

You won’t be able to get over how simple it is to slide the Bi-Folding doors open and closed as they virtually glide across the stainless steel runners with just the tiniest of pushes. It will forever remain that way as there is a brush present of one end of the track which keeps the runners free from the build-up of dirt.


There’s a wealth of possibilities when buying Bi-Folding doors and having them incorporated into your home as they can extend from two door leafs up to a possible two door leafs depending on the space you have available. Just tell us your preference and we will produce a set of Bi-Folding doors of the necessary size and shape that you will get immense pleasing out of using.

Finishes & Colours

Of course you can have your Bi-Folding doors adorned in a traditional white or a timeless black colour but there are other options for those looking to make their doors stand-out that little bit more. For instance, we have a sublimated woodgrain effect available which to the naked eye is pretty much identical in appearance to a timber frame and comes in Oak, Rosewood and Walnut. You can also choose to have separate colours on the inside and outside of the frames.

A door that offers an abundance of options…


Those fortunate enough to own a conservatory often comment upon how lucky they feel to be able to experience such a glamorous form of home living on a regular basis which can be enhanced further with the inclusion of Bi-Folding doors. This unique door solution is a real revelation and is an absolute must-have addition to any contemporary home extension.


Taking your orangery design to the next level is assured when you have Bi-Folding doors integrated into the building as the aluminium frames of the door will marry together marvellously with the existing frames of the structure. In order to create an ‘L’ shape, you can have the doors fitted at two separate ends of the orangery.


Each room in your house will have a specific identity e.g. living room, dining area. So that they retain their individual identity and are kept suitably closed off, how about utilising a set of Bi-Folding doors as a way of splitting one room from another. We’ve fitted them in many positions within the home in the past such as between a balcony and patio area or outdoor swimming pool and indoor gym.



Because of the unique way they operate, no matter if you choose to have two or seven door leafs, you have a string of possible openings to enjoy. For a Bi-Fold that opens similar to a standard hinged door make sure you ask that a ‘passenger door’ be included in the design.


Visitors to our showroom are often most impressed by how simple and easy it is to put Bi-Folding doors into operation as they imagine them to be weighty and difficult to manoeuvre. Whether the sun is shining or it starts to rain, only a few seconds is what it will take to get them working.


If your incentive for investing in home improvements is to modernise your home then you would be strongly advised to give Bi-Folding doors serious thought as what finer way to transform your household into contemporary luxury. They will become one of the most prominent features of your home, which is an absolute given.

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Why Choose Us?

Designing and installing Bi-folding doors in Norfolk, Suffolk and Cambridgeshire for over 20 years has enabled us to earn a reputation for quality products and service. Our Bi-Fold doors feature expert craftsmanship and affordable prices. Always wanting to reduce how much our Bi-Fold cost, we do not cut corners to ensure you get only the very best.