A Brick Porch That Matches Your Home

Porches are a great looking and versatile addition to any home. Allowing you to create a beautiful entrance into you home, a porch is incredibly practical. One of the most popular types of porch is the brick porch. Once only traditional in appearance, brick porches now come in a variety of designs and colours. Whether you want a brick porch that matches your existing home or you would prefer something more dramatic that offer a great contrast, we can help you get the perfect brick porch.

The traditional styling of a brick porch means it can be easily fitted to existing homes. However, whilst our porches may look traditional, they are very modern in terms of the materials used and what they can do for your home. Featuring modern materials and designs, brick porches offer fantastic insulation; ensuring your home stays warm no matter the weather outside. This allows you to not only better prevent heat from leaving your home, but also reduce your energy bills. This makes brick conservatories a great way to reduce the cost of heating in the winter.


Building regulations don’t usually come into play when installing a porch so you can normally have it fitted and installation in no time at all. The moment that the install has been completed your home will be considerably more secure than it was prior to the presence of the porch. That’s because it comes fitted with dog bolts, a multi-point locking mechanism and anti-bump/snap cylinders to make it virtually unbreakable.


Never at any point will you be left regretting your decision to invest in a porch as it offers multiple benefits to the contemporary householder. It’s the perfect place to store all those coats, hats, scarves and shoes so that they’re right there where you need them each time you exit your home. You won’t spend much time inside it but whenever you stand in the porch it will feel incredibly energy efficient even though it will be placed in close proximity to the outside.

Cost Effective

You could never try to claim that a porch can be held in the same esteem as a conservatory or orangery in terms of luxury, but there’s no doubt that for what you pay to own one it ranks highly in terms of worthwhile investments. Expect it to be utilised on a consistent basis throughout the day as members of family pass in and out of the confines of the home. You get an awful lot of spaciousness for your money too.

Reliable roof tiles that last…

You’re assured of a Warm Roof you can have confidence in whether you choose to have lightweight slates or lightweight tiles as they’re both immensely strong and have all the ingredients needed to last. Even the weather won’t be able to get the better of them particularly as they’re weather-resistant and can face up to any type of conditions over a prolonged period

Lightweight Tile

Amber’s lightweight tiles are perfect for a quick, efficient and affordable porch installation. They provide ideal protection from the elements.  They can be installed speedily and come in finishes of charcoal, red, green, umber and ebony.

Lightweight Slate

You can’t beat the look of traditional slate but once it starts to become brittle you’re left fighting a losing battle trying to restore it back to its former state. There will be no such problems to face up to with our lightweight slate as it is completely weather-resistant and can be left alone to perform with any need for maintenance. It comes in 20 colour options including pewter grey, stone, plum, black and brick red.

Colours to Complement

Our lightweight tiles will work in perfect symmetry with any existing roof tiles when you select either of the five colour options we have available. Don’t be put off by the word ‘lightweight’ though as it offers a similar level of durability to that of a stone-coated steel.

Planning Permission

If your porch is recognised as a ‘permitted development’ then you won’t have to worry about conforming to planning permission requirements and building regulations. So that a patio meets ‘permitted development’ status it must meet the following guidelines: (1) the internal ground floor area does not exceed three square metres; (2) no part of the porch is more than three metres above ground level; (3) no part of the porch is within two metres of any boundary of the dwelling and the highway.

Building Regulations

For a porch to be exempt from building regulations it must measure no more than thirty square metres internally and have no effect on any ramped or levelled access, whilst the front entrance must also remain in situ with the porch and the house. To get the green light, the glazing utilised and electrical fittings should also adhere to building regulations.