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Whether you are looking to extend or redesign existing rooms, create an incredible sun-filled retreat, or simply increase your everyday living space, a lean-to conservatory is the perfect choice because it allows you do all this and much, much more. Featuring a low-pitched roof and simple, classic design, affordable lean-to conservatories have proven to be so popular because they can so easily and match the style and dimensions of any home. Featuring large glass panels, a lean-to conservatory allows vitalising natural light to enter all-year round; helping to create a relaxing environment in which you can enjoy the benefits of being in your garden without the worry of what the weather is doing.

Featuring the very strongest, most durable materials and incredible finishes, your lean-conservatory will require virtually no maintenance; often requiring nothing more than a quick wipe to look brand new again. As with all out conservatories, we offer great choice, including under-floor heating options which help create a room that can be fully enjoyed in even the coldest of weather. We also offer a variety of door options, including patio and Bi-Folding, which allow you to bring the outdoors into your home with nothing more than a gentle push and which instantly open up even more possibilities as to how you use your conservatory.

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Energy Efficiency

Keeping your house warm and your energy bills low are both factors that can be vastly improved through quality double glazing. Our A+ Plus windows are among the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly products in our range, so much so that they are in fact better than A-rated windows, which until recently were known as the best available. With thanks to our continuous development and innovative product design methods A+ Plus windows will insulate your home better than ever before.  As well as preventing heat loss, the intelligent glass used in the production of A+ Plus windows actually allows natural heat from the sun to travel into your home, resulting in your use of heating systems being dramatically reduced.


All of our products, including our conservatories are designed, manufactured and installed with your families well-being in mind and this applies primarily in terms of their security. We invest larges amount of time and money to ensure that our products use the latest technology to make them as secured against any unwanted visitors as possible. With conservatories from Amber, you can be assured peace of mind.


Noise Reduction

Whether you live in a built up area, live near busy roads or simply have noisy neighbours, reducing noises of the outside world from getting into your home, is an important consideration when adding an extension such as a new conservatory. We understand this and in turn ensure that all our products give you the opportunity to decide how much noise reduction you want in your home improvements. Speak to one of our advisors and we’ll guide you through your options.

The way to make your conservatory even more spectacular…

Once you commence utilising your conservatory you will find it incredibly difficult to drag yourself away from its glamorous surrounds but if you have a door incorporated into the design then you will have an excuse to swap between indoor and outdoor environments. A sliding or folding door is highly recommended.

Bi-folding Doors

For a door design that serves its usual intended purpose but which opens and closes in a unique fashion then look no further than a set of Bi-Folding doors. They fold in and out similar to a concertina and seemingly glide across the stainless steel runners so that you can eliminate the boundary between home and garden in style and in just a matter of seconds.

Patio Doors

The spaciousness of a conservatory is what draws most people into purchasing one and it can be made to feel even more expansive when you include a Patio Door in the design. Whenever you leave the Patio Doors in the open position the size of the conservatory will somehow inflate, partially due to the way it gives the natural light of the sun a pathway into the building. Their usefulness cannot be overestimated as you will find in time.

French Doors

French Doors are a staple feature in many continental homes and have fast begun to attract the attention of homeowners in this country due to their vast double opening and wonderfully pleasing appearance. When left fully open your conservatory and home will almost become one which is exactly what you want any time you host some form of special occasion for friends and family. They can also be fitted between internal areas of the home if that’s what best suits.

Put yourself in the frame with a traditional or contemporary styling…

Unless you get close-up to two separate conservatory designs you won’t be able to notice the framing utilised in each design and the detailing that runs through it. Put aside some time to assess the framing options available as you will see that there is a considerable difference between a traditional and contemporary frame and you may well develop a preference for either of the two styles.


Solidity is must for any conservatory design which is why UPVC is such a perfect choice of material for building this form of structure. It also offers outstanding energy efficiency and because of the durability of UPVC you know that you’re the beneficiary of something that feels immensely secure. Don’t forget too that UPVC is totally maintenance-free and won’t succumb to the elements as traditional timber-based conservatories so often do.


The strength of aluminium has made it a strong favourite for many people when choosing which material they would prefer to have their conservatory constructed from. But to solely laud its durable qualities would be doing it a disservice as buyers are also attracted to the way it can be moulded to create the sleekest of sightlines, allowing an expansive incorporation of glass into the frames. This means that your aluminium conservatory forever feels illuminated.


Everyone loves timber but what they don’t like so much is how much time and effort you have to put in to ensure that your chosen timber product remains free of rotting, fading etc. It’s a complaint we hear a lot. So as an answer to the problem we produced an entirely new range labelled ‘Heritage’ that possesses all the good points of real wood, minus the bad bits. Based on the original 19th Century sash timber window design, our Heritage collection needs zero maintenance and looks exactly like wood.

Every good conservatory needs a reliable roof…

We have a number of roofing options which differ in appearance but all share the same end goal; to provide the structure with the energy efficiency it needs to remain useable throughout the year. You will also find that each roof is great at preventing excess noise from passing into its surrounds so that you can relax inside in peace and quiet, even during the busiest times of the day.


A huge number of conservatory roofs are crafted from polycarbonate as it is proven at eliminating heat loss and storing any warmth generated inside for long periods. It is available in 25mm and 35mm sheets and will never allow the inside of the conservatory to overheat, particularly when you include foil inserts in the roof. You can have your polycarbonate roof supplied in an opal, bronze or clear finish.


You can watch everything that goes on above your conservatory when you choose to have a transparent glass roof fitted to the design. You will take no greater pleasure from being able to kick back, relax and admire the world from what is a totally unique perspective and one you will never tire of enjoying. It’s also excellent at preventing the sound of rain, snow or hail from impacting upon the inside of the structure due to its sound reducing qualities. Ask that it includes self-cleaning glass so that you never have to go to the expense or trouble of having it cleaned.

Solid Roof

The reasoning that many people give for buying a conservatory is that they want somewhere they can get away from things which is closed off from the rest of the house. The incorporation of a solid roof will afford you such luxury as it will enhance privacy. We won’t deny that an element of natural light will be lost post-installation of the roof but this can easily be rectified as you can have roof windows and integrated spotlights included.

A coloured conservatory will make a huge visual impact…

It’s important that your brand new conservatory makes for a natural addition to your home but in order to do so you need to have it finished a colour that suits the rest of the household so that it stands out for all the right reasons. Thankfully, the colour palette we have available at Amber is incredibly extensive and diverse with options including cream, green, light oak, grey and whitegrain. It goes without saying that we also offer a traditional white colour.

Your conservatory could be subject to planning permission & building regulations…

Just because most conservatories aren’t subject to planning permission or building regulations doesn’t mean that you should ignore them. To do so could prove a very costly mistake. If your conservatory does need to satisfy planning permission or building regulations then you can leave it to Amber to do the necessary leg work so that the installation can go ahead.

We make the buying process a stress-free experience…

Buying a conservatory is usually a once in a lifetime purchase so you want to make sure that your decision-making process is sound. We have a large team of sales and design consultants who are there to give you a helping hand and advise you of any helpful hints and tips so that you get the conservatory you’ve always dreamt of. Few home improvement companies can supply the level of expertise that Amber possesses so you’re in very safe hands.


The positioning of the conservatory is extremely important as it will determine at what time of the day your extension receives most light and warmth and doesn’t become affected by glare. A conservatory positioned in a north or easterly direction will feel at its brightest early in the day, with a southerly or westerly conservatory receiving most light later in the day.


Conservatory buyers always have their own ideas and intentions when it comes to utilising their new living space and it can differ from person to person. We have dealt with all sorts of requests over the years and we’re always more than happy to accommodate any sort of requirements. Most commonly customers have their conservatory transformed into a luxury lounge or dining area, but sometimes they ask that it provides them with a stylish home office or home gymnasium. You can do virtually anything you want


For a conservatory to offer the usefulness you would expect you need to have it fully accessorised so the inclusion of fans and heaters may sit high on your list of additional priorities. There are a whole host of other accessories that you may want to consider so talk through them all with our team.



We want you to share the confidence that we have in our conservatories which is why we supply each design with an extensive guarantee which covers you should any problems arise in the future. We recommend that you give it a good read as we mention within it that sometimes it is necessary to make some small remedial adjustments to the design.

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