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Loggia conservatories are a great option for people looking for something a little different. Featuring a roof that can be party opened up, Loggia conservatories are great at allowing you to better control the temperature inside your home and allow fresh air to freely enter. Thanks to the use of modern materials such as aluminum and UPVC, Loggia conservatories feature some of the thinnest frames available; allowing them to be incredibly stylish. Strong, secure and beautiful, Loggia conservatories are a great addition to any home

From the inclusion of Bi-folding or French doors, to self-cleaning glass and underfloor heating, we will create an orangery that you will want to and can use every day of the year. Our affordable Loggia orangeries are exclusively manufactured by our local Conservatory Outlet fabricator. Using the latest cutting-edge technology and materials, our orangeries require no maintenance. Featuring multi-locking systems, and durable, secure external finishes, our Loggia orangeries are a great, cost effective way of improving the looks of your home.

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Loggia Conservatory

This cream coloured Loggia conservatory provides superb lighting on all angles. It is made of a sturdy upvc material with a cornice lantern roof and tilt...

Loggia Conservatory

A large UPVC Loggia conservatory with bifold doors and a cornice, this cream conservatory offers a traditional look that blends seamlessly with any property....

Cream Loggia Orangery

The Cream Loggia Orangery is a stunning extension providing you with a flexible, light-filled space. Stunning outside and in, the cream frames and casement windows feel...

Grey Loggia with Bifold Doors

This is a very modern styled grey loggia orangery with French bi-fold doors. Sturdy UPVC has been used to complete the build. The slick design will...

East Anglia’s finest orangeries and most welcoming team…


Energy Efficiency

Keeping your house warm and your energy bills low are both factors that can be vastly improved through quality double glazing within your orangery. Our A+ Plus windows are among the most energy efficient and environmentally friendly products in our range, With thanks to our continuous development and innovative product design methods A+ Plus windows will insulate your home better than ever before. As well as preventing heat loss, the intelligent glass used in the production of A+ Plus windows actually allows natural heat from the sun to travel into your home, resulting in your use of heating systems being dramatically reduced.d.


All of our products, including our orangeries are designed, manufactured and installed with your families well-being in mind and this applies primarily in terms of their security. We invest larges amount of time and money to ensure that our products use the latest technology to make them as secured against any unwanted visitors as possible. With orageries from Amber, you can be assured peace of mind.

Noise Reduction

Whether you live in a built up area, live near busy roads or simply have noisy neighbours, reducing noises of the outside world from getting into your home, is an important consideration when adding an extension such as a new conservatory. We understand this and in turn ensure that all our products give you the opportunity to decide how much noise reduction you want in your home improvements. Speak to one of our advisors and we’ll guide you through your options.

The way to make your orangery even more spectacular…

So that you can revert between orangery living, traditional home living or garden living at will, why not incorporate a set of doors into your orangery design such as French Doors, Patio Doors or Bi-Folding Doors. Each door solution has its own individual functionality, but collectively they will offer you a perfect pathway that you will find yourself using over and over again in the most pleasurable manner.

Bi-folding Doors

Doors don’t come any more stylish or unique than a set of Bi-Folding doors, the latest door offering to come off our production line which opens in a concertina like style. Because of the way they operate it gives you multiple possibilities so far as creating openings is concerned so that you can ventilate your orangery however best suits. Bi-Folds will be a feature that really captures the imagination of visitors.

Patio Doors

The spaciousness provided by an orangery is one of its most obvious strong points and you can enhance that spaciousness further or at least appear to by installing a set of Patio Doors. When left open and exposing your orangery to the outside world the interior will feel somewhat larger and it will make it easier for you to transfer garden furniture in out of your home.

French Doors

It’s easy to be lured in by the attractiveness of French Doors but you should also note the double opening that they provide which will prove invaluable in many ways. Because the doors open both inwardly and outwardly you really do have so many opportunities to flit between your orangery and other areas of the house. You won’t be able to picture your home extension without them.

Put yourself in the frame with a traditional or contemporary styling…

If you’ve ever wondered what separates one window and door system from the other it’s undoubtedly the dimensions and contours that run through the frame. You will notice this when you see the different systems in person at which point you well find that you have a preference for one particular look.


UPVC is the most regularly utilised material for home improvement products primarily because it offers outstanding energy efficiency and is incredibly tough and durable, just what you need in an orangery design. UPVC will ensure that your orangery never succumbs to heat loss and becomes cold and uncomfortable, quite the opposite.


Aluminium is a perfect choice for orangery construction as it one of the strongest materials you will find, yet it can be moulded and shaped into various forms to produce various unique designs. The slim aluminium profiles always instantly appeal to homeowners as they can’t help but notice how it enables large expanses of glass to be inserted in them. Your orangery can even be given a timber-like visual effect when you elect to have a sublimated woodgrain finish applied to it.


You can create the illusion that your brand new orangery dates back further than people think when you choose to have it crafted from our Heritage range, a contemporary take on the traditional 19th Century sash timber window. Prepare to be blown away by how authentic it is, particularly as it included original hardware imitations such as monkey tail handles, peg stays and butt hinges.

A trusty roof is a must for all orangeries…

Superb orangery performance is only assured if you have it equipped with a reliable roofing system and we have three available at Amber; the Classic Roof, Cornice Roof and the Lantern Roof. The vast majority of orangery designs tend to have the Classic Roof attached to them but sometimes it’s next to do something a little different which is what the options of the Cornice and Lantern Roof are there for.

Classic Roof

Something can only be labelled a ‘classic’ if it has been around for generations and appealed to the hearts and minds of people. Well that’s exactly what the Classic Roof has done and is why it has earned that title with justification. It gives you a totally transparent view of the world above your head when inside the orangery and as it can accommodate a significantly large piece of glass there’s no fear of the structure ever becoming dark and unwelcoming.

Cornice Roof

Something can only be labelled a ‘classic’ if it has been around for generations and appealed to the hearts and minds of people. Well that’s exactly what the Classic Roof has done and is why it has earned that title with justification. It gives you a totally transparent view of the world above your head when inside the orangery and as it can accommodate a significantly large piece of glass there’s no fear of the structure ever becoming dark and unwelcoming.

Lantern Roof

For a roofing system that has stood the test of time choose the Lantern Roof, or as it’s sometimes referred to, Atrium Roof, as it has a lasting quality to it that never seems to fall out of fashion. The energy efficiency it provides is also fantastically good so expect it to ward off the cold and keep the entire structure warm and comfortable throughout the year, whatever the weather.

Give both sides of the frame the perfect finish…

Buying an orangery is an extravagant home improvement but only if you have it finished in a suitable colour that brings out of the best of the orangery itself and your home as a whole. You can have each of our colours and woodgrain finishes adorning both the inside and outside the frame so that the interior and exterior really blossom before your very eyes.

All orangeries must meet planning permission and building regulations…

You will find that most orangeries already abide by any planning permission or building regulations set out so more often than not you won’t have to worry about them but if such matters need to be dealt with then Amber will be there to assist. We have put together a Planning Factsheet which gives you more information on this subject.

We make orangery buying simple…

We know that you will be putting a significant amount of money at stake when buying an orangery so it is extremely important that you spend your cash wisely and make the right decisions beforehand. Our team of design and sales consultants are there to help you every step of the way and take you through all the possibilities so that you get the right orangery for your home.


An orangery has to be specially positioned at your home so that it provides the comforting atmosphere you would expect of a modern home extension. Before the building of the orangery commences our team will visit your home and assess where it is best placed. You may not be aware for instance that a northern or easterly facing orangery will receive most natural light and warmth early in the day, whilst a southerly or westerly positioned orangery will generate more heat later in the day. It is also important to identify which type of glazing is best utilised.


People who have an orangery fitted at their home usually do so for a specific purpose whether it to be to add an extra living area to their property or transform it into a luxurious dining room to be enjoyed together with family and friends. All you need to tell us prior to its installation is how you intend to utilise the space and we will produce the good, including any necessary extras such as Wi-Fi, plug sockets etc.


For your orangery to function as you would expect it may need to be properly accessorised and there is a huge number of contrasting accessories that you may choose to have included in the overall design. Our design consultants will sit you down and talk you through each individual accessory available so that you can settle upon which accessories you may or may not want.


We want you to share the confidence that we have in our orangery range which is why each orangery we sell is provided with an extensive guarantee covering you should anything occur in the future. We highly recommend that you give it a good read as you will see that it is mentioned that some small remedial adjustments may need to be made at some point in order to safeguard the longevity of the structure. It will give you added peace of mind too.


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Our Conservatories Range

Edwardian Conservatories

This classic style of Orangery in a rectangular shape offers a traditional and stylish additional space to any home.

Victorian Conservatories

Combining classic Victorian design with modern-day materials, our range of Victorian conservatories will instantly add a timeless elegance to your home.

Lean-To Conservatories

Our Lean-To Conservatories are so popular due to their simplicity and adaptability. Also available in bespoke designs.

Bespoke Conservatories

Bring your dreams to life by creating your Bespoke Orangery completely from scratch with our expertise and skills.

T-Shape Conservatories

This popular shape gives a little something extra than a classic rectange space. We offer a selection of styles to suit your home.

Glass Rooms

Make the most of viewing your garden and gaining maximum light with floor to ceiling windows in a stunning Glass room.

P-Shape Conservatories

P-Shaped conservatories are the perfect compromise for indoor and outdoor space. Choose your styles and colours today.

Loggia Orangeries

Our Loggia Orangeries come in modular format and therefore are easier and quicker to install, keeping down costs.

Gable Conservatories

Often mistaken for traditional-only styles, Gable conservatories are classic but can be made into more contemporary spaces easily.