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    Solid Roofs

East Anglia's Stable Doors

Whatever your style of home, our range of Stable Doors are guaranteed to add to its charm, fitted & guaranteed by East Anglia's friendliest door supplier.

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Doors that are Fun, Functional and Secure

Thermal aluminum stable doors are a fun and interesting way to keep your home warm and secure. Featuring a door that is split horizontally, these doors can be opened fully or just the top or bottom sections. This allows you to let fresh air and sunlight into your home whilst still keeping part of the door close; making them great from small children and animals. Featuring modern materials, incredible finish and fitting and the very best, unbreakable multi-locking systems, our stable doors provide unrivalled security and peace-of-mind.


Truly Bespoke Doors for Your Home

Available in either double or triple glazing, our patio doors are very secure and feature fantastic insulation. As such, these doors are not only a stylish and practical addition to you home, but also an energy efficient one; helping you to keep your home warmer for longer. From hinges to letterboxes, our durable fittings will allow you to add the detailing and styling you want without having to worry about security or maintenance. With patterns including Digital, Autumn Leaf and Sycamore, you will be surprised at the dramatic effect textured glass can add to your door, as well as the very practical uses it provides. While striving to provide affordable stable doors for local homeowners, we never compromise on quality or materials.


It’s easy to focus your concentration on buying a stable door that offers a vibrant and fresh design guaranteed to life the entire appearance of your home. But you should never forget its primary intended purpose which is to protect your home as best as possible and that’s exactly what a composite door will do. It has phenomenal strength as it is crafted using a series of robust materials and will act as a reliable deterrent to even the most determined of burglars.


When buying your composite door some time should be set aside to choose the right sort of door furniture for the design which will inevitably involve selecting a letterbox, hinges, number plates, handles etc. We have an almost never-ending choice of hardware options in numerous styles so finding hardware that complements won’t be a problem

Family Friendly

Unique in their design and function stable doors allow you to keep the bottom half closed whilst opening the top half. This enables natural day light and fresh air to flood your home whilst also keeping your children and pets safe inside.

Stable Door Colours

Stable Doors from Amber are available in a range of colours.

Rosewood, Mahogany and Light Oak are also available in matching outer frames or white. As all Stable Doors are ‘made to order’ all colours are available inside and out.

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